Ejection Seat
A creation of mine called "The Ejection Seat."

This trick starts with a "split bottom" mount. Start by throwing a sleeper and then draping the string over the left index finger. While draping the string over the left index finger, push the yo-yo away from you. This will give it some momentum to swing back towards the right index finger.

The goal is to have the yo-yo swing back towards you, make contact, and hop over the right index finger. Your right index finger should make contact with the string about 2 inches above the yo-yo.

The yo-yo will swing up and over your right index finger and land on the string as shown. This is the "split bottom" mount.

Move the right index finger forward so it touches the white string.

Begin to do an underpass by folding the string down.

Continue to with the underpass. Thread only the white string into the slot of the yo-yo.

Continue to thread the white string in the slot.

Bring up the left hand.

Once completed you'll be in this position.

Notice how you have 2 loops of string around your right index finger.

To undo the loops, flip the yo-yo off the string.

You'll now be left with one loop around the index finger.

Do another flip.

The yo-yo will begin to dismount.

It'll continue to go outwards.

As it continues to go outwards give it a slight toss..

... to send it into an "Around the World."

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