Singapore Sling
I was first introduced to this trick by Bob Bowden. He learned it from the man who created it, Dale Oliver. It's another trick that utilizes the "Split Bottom" mount and is very similar to the Atom Smasher. The version I'm showing will be in it's simpliest form. You can embelish it with "Barrel Rolls" and other things but I like to keep it simple.

You start of like an Atom Smasher in the "Split Bottom" mount. If you don't know how to get in this position you really shouldn't be attempting this trick.

Next get in this position.

We now proceed to the next phase. Right here we will do 2 pinwheel type revolutions. This will cause the string to wrap around the right index finger.

After the revolutions, you will see that the yoyo is wound around the right index finger twice.

It's now time to unwind the string formation. You have to unwind it twice, since you did 2 revolutions. Obviously if you did 3 revolutions you would unwind it 3 times.

Your right hand doesn't move and you unwrap the string by rotating your left hand around it.

Continue unwinding...

..and unwinding...

After you unwind it once you will arrive at this position.

It's time again to unwind it one more time.

Continue to unwind...

...and unwind...

After you unwind it for the second time you arrive at this position which is the "Split Bottom" mount. Basically the remaining steps will go into the "Atom Smasher."

Bring your right hand up (yo-yo hand) and your left hand down (non-yo-yo hand).

Pull back the string to begin the first underpass.

Thread the string into the groove.

You'll be in this position after the underpass. You are now setup and ready for another underpasses.

Pull your yo-yo hand forward and down.

Thread the white string into the groove.

This is how it should look after you completed the 2nd underpass.

Pull the yellow loop of string forward and begin to do 2-3 somersaults.

Stop rotating.

Remove your right index finger and begin to pull your right hand down.

This will cause the yo-yo to begin another rotation.

The yo-yo will swing around your left hand.

The yo-yo will fly around your index finger so catch it and you're done.

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