Atom Smasher
You can call this trick "The Atom Bomb" or "The Atomic Bomb" and if you want to be politically correct, call it "The Atom Smasher." Whatever you do don't get this confused and call it "Split the Atom." That's a different trick.

Begin this trick with a "Split Bottom" mount. (Read about the mount in the components section) As the yo-yo swings around your left index finger, stick your right index finger out.

Your right index finger should make contact with the string about 2 inches above the yo-yo.

The yo-yo will swing up and over your right index finger and land on the string as shown.

You've just complete what is known as the "split bottom entry" mount.

Bring your right hand up (yo-yo hand) and your left hand down (non-yo-yo hand).

Pull back the string to begin the first underpass.

Thread the string into the groove.

You'll be in this position after the underpass. You are now setup and ready for another underpass.

Pull your yo-yo hand forward and down.

Thread the white string into the groove.

This is how it should look after you completed the 2nd underpass.

Pull the loop of string forward and begin to do 2-3 somersaults.

Stop rotating.

Remove your right index finger and begin to pull your right hand down.

This will cause the yo-yo to begin another rotation.

The yo-yo will swing around your left hand.

The yo-yo will fly around your index finger so catch it and you're done.

You can also begin this trick with a "Pinwheel Split Bottom" mount.

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