Barrel Rolls Under Mount
You can also do "Barrel Rolls" from a front mount ("Under" mount, "Skin the Cat" mount etc.). It's slightly different from the "Side" mount and "Split Bottom" mount.

We'll start this trick with a "Skin the Cat" mount. Keep in mind that you can start it with an "Under" or "Over" mount too.

Thread the string into the groove.

Bring the right hand up and you have just completed the mount.

Insert the right finger into the loop. You can use your right index finger instead if you want.

Do underpass to cause the yo-yo to hop over you finger and land on the red string.

Continue with the underpass.

After it hops over your right finger you end up in this postion. Looks sort of like a "Split Bottom" mount.

Continue with another underpass.

With the left hand going under the yo-yo.

continue with the underpass

After completion of the underpass, you'll arrive at this position.

Bringing your left hand up and right hand down will bring you back to the initial position of "Barrel Rolls."

Do more rolls if you like. Every time you do one "Barrel Roll" you'll add a loop of string to your finger.

NOTE: You have to do the underpasses in one motion without stopping. If not, it'll probably catch.

"Barrel Rolls" look really neat when you do them in multiples. One on its own isn't really impressive looking enough. This front mounted "Barrel Roll" can be inserted into tricks like "Split the Atom" or the "Braintwister" to give it some flare. This trick has a tendancy to catch so make sure the string is loose enough.