Brain Twister
This is a fairly easy trick to do. The hard part for most people are the somersaults.

Begin with the "Skin the Cat" position like shown.

Braintwister, in it's simplest form, utilizes this mount. You can use other mounts to begin the "Braintwister" though, look in my 'Components' section.

Thread the yellow string into the groove.

Bring the right hand up and you have just completed the mount.

Pull the middle finger towards you a bit. Rotate the yo-yo by turning your yo-yo hand around your left index finger. These are known as "somersaults." Try to do 2-3 if you can.

We will now get ready for what is known as the "Roll-out" dismount. Lift the yo-yo hand up like so.

Pull the loop of string out with your left index finger. This will make the yo-yo fling off the string. You're done.

You should be able to do 1 or 2 somersaults and as you get better try 3, 4, 5 or more.

Another way to begin this trick involves mounting it with the "Under" mount.

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