Buddha's Revenge
Buddha's Revenge is a side mounted trick with 2 underpasses. The neat thing about this trick is the "one and a half" mount. It's kinda awkward to do since it's sideways. But once you get it, it looks pretty good.

"Buddha's Revenge" begins with a "One and a Half" mount. Throw a "Breakaway" and the yo-yo makes it's way cross your body.

It goes around the left index finger and continues on it's way.

The yo-yo makes contact with the right index finger and swings around.

As the yo-yo comes around, lift up the left hand and aim the yo-yo to land on the string furthest away from you.

The yo-yo hits the string and follows through. Give it some slack. If not, it'll just bounce off the string.

The "One and a Half" mount is completed.

Flip the yo-yo counter-clockwise rotation.

After the rotation your hands should be in the position shown.

Pull the white string down to begin an underpass.

The position after the underpass looks like this.

Rotate clockwise and flip the yo-yo onto the gray string.

You end up with in the "One and a Half" mount again. Return to position (F) and repeat 2-3 times or more.

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