Mini-Around the World
"Mini-Around the World" is a neat little trick that can be inserted into a variety of tricks. Use it in combination with the Trapeze rolls to spice up your tricks.

First thing you do is a "Man on Trapeze".

NOTE: You are looking at this trick from the front as if you're watching someone perform it. From your perspective, the right hand is to your left and the left hand is to your right.

Next insert your right index finger into the loop of string that goes around your left index finger.

Now take your left hand out of the loop so your right hand is supporting the whole string structure.

It's now time to do the "Around the World" type of motion. You can do the rotation by swinging it from the right to the left or left to right. I've decided to do it going from left to right. Basically the whole point is to do a rotation.

This is how it looks after you do the rotation.

Now swing it back in the opposite direction.

You'll end up back in this position. Do as many "Mini-Around the Worlds" as you like.

By replacing the right index finger that in the yellow loop of string with your left index finger, you'll end up back in the "Man on Trapeze" position. Now to finish off, do a "Flyaway" dismount, which is flipping the yo-yo up in the air and catching it.

When you get back to the "Man on Trapeze" position at the end of the trick, you can roll it into a "Double or Nothing" or a "Triple or Nothing." Tricks like "Revolution" utilizes this little maneuver. I encourage you to incorporate it in some of your routines.

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