Reach for the Moon
"Reach for the Moon" is probably one of the most difficult tricks to master. It's movements may be simple but it takes a lot of practice to do them well. Refer to Shawn's Looping Guide for more information.

Throw the yo-yo up in the air at a 45 degree angle. The yo-yo's travel path should be between your head and arm. When the yo-yo reaches the end of the string, it'll begins it's return. Turn your hand and give it a flick upwards. This will send it upwards behind you.

Once the yo-yo reaches the end of the string it'll make it's way back again. Turn your hand and flick it up in the air again.

When it reaches the end of the string give it a tug and catch it in the hand. That completes one "Reach for the Moon." This trick is more impressive if you do multiples of them in a row.