Split the Atom
A lot of people seem to get the "Atom Smasher" (also known as "Atom Bomb") and "Split the Atom" mixed up so it's my duty to straigten things out by showing you both of them. Some say they're the same trick. Well in fact, they are not. Some older books and videos have these two tricks confused too.

The "Atom Smasher" utilizes the split bottom entry mount and has more underpasses and somersaults. "Split the Atom" is a more simplier trick which involves a front mount, one underpass, a somersault and a dismount.

Here's a quote from an AYYA newsletter where Dale Oliver addresses this issue.

"Past President and current member, Dale Oliver, explained the history of three tricks with similar names - Atomic Bomb/Splitting the Atom/ and Atom Smasher, which have in the past confused many players. He explained that the Atomic Bomb was renamed Atom Smasher for political correctness reasons, but that they are, indeed, the same trick - consisting of a split bottom mount, 2 string splits, a somersault and a dismount. Splitting the Atom, however, is a different trick involving a front mount, a string split, a somersault and a dismount."

"Split the Atom", in it's simplest form, involves doing it with the "Skin the Cat" mount.

Thread the string into the groove.

Bring the right hand up and you have just completed the mount.

Drape the string over the left index finger again.

Insert the right index finger into the loop of string like shown.

Pull your yo-yo hand forward and down.

Thread the white string into the groove.

This is how it should look after you completed the underpass.

Pull the loop of string forward and begin to do 2-3 somersaults.

Stop rotating.

Remove your right index finger and begin to pull your right hand down.

This will cause the yo-yo to begin another rotation.

The yo-yo will swing around your left hand.

The yo-yo will fly around your index finger so catch it and you're done.

"Split the Atom" is basically a simpler version of Atom Smasher. It isn't as flashy or as difficult. For those who know how to do the Atom Smasher it's a breeze. And for those who don't, "Split the Atom" is a good way to get use to the underpasses before you learn the Atom Smasher. Another way of starting this trick involves doing an "Under" mount instead of the "Skin the Cat" mount shown above.

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