Trapeze to Triple or Nothing
This is a neat little transition from a "Man on Trapeze" to a "Triple or Nothing." Think of it as a shortcut. When inserted into tricks it adds a bit of style and complexity.

First thing you do is a "Man on Trapeze".

NOTE: You are looking at this trick from the front as if you're watching someone perform it. From your perspective, the right hand is to your left and the left hand is to your right.

Next insert your right index finger into the loop of string that goes around your left index finger.

Expand the loop like so.

With your left hand, make the yo-yo do 2 rotations by swinging your hand to the left in a semi-circle motion (shown with blue mini-arrows).

The yo-yo will go around...

...and around...

...and around...

...and finally around again but this time you aim it to land on the outer strings.

Once landed, you're in the "Triple or Nothing" position.

You're now going to begin 2 "Windmill" rotations before going into the "Flyaway" dismount.

The first thing is drop the 2 loops of string that goes around your right index finger. Next, swing your hand to the right in a semi-circle motion (shown with blue mini-arrows).

You'll do 2 rotations.

The yo-yo will come around.

After it completes the rotations, you're back in the "Man on Trapeze" position. Finish the trick by doing a "Flyaway" dismount, which is flipping the yo-yo up in the air and catching it.

I hope you make good use of this transition trick. It can be inserted in a variety of side mounted tricks.

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