Velvet Rolls
Mark McBride creator of "The Zipper" masterminded this trick. Mark is the Picasso of tricks. His tricks are works of art in motion. Be sure to purchase a copy of his book, "The Yonomicon." It can be found at Infinite Illusions and major online books stores like Amazon.

This is by far the most interesting trick I've had the priveledge to learn as well as illustrate. A very cool, 2-handed, 2 yo-yo string trick.

If you break this trick down to it's components, the mount, rolls and dismount, it'll make it a lot easier. Practice them individually. Also make sure your weak arm can throw a hard enough sleeper for this trick. You don't want the yo-yo to die on you so work on the your weak arm. Keep the string straight and don't let it sway. If it sways, bail and try again or else you'll end up with a mess of twisted strings.

(A) First the mount. Throw two straight sleepers. It's a good idea to place the slipknot very close to the base of your middle fingers. I find shorter strings work better too.

(B) Lift up the blue yo-yo. We will begin to bisect it with the right middle finger. Basically we'll do a sort of "Skin the Cat" mount with the blue yo-yo.

(C) Like a "Skin the Cat" mount we'll thread the white string into the groove of the blue yo-yo.

(D) Continue to thread the white string into the groove of the blue yo-yo. At the same time we'll begin to bisect the pink string with the left middle finger.

(E) After you complete this, you'll see that on your left side you have a "Trapeze" and with the red yo-yo you'll begin to do another "Skin the Cat" mount.

(F) Begin to thread the pink string into the yellow yo-yo.

(G) After that you'll be here. I've turn my left hand to the left a bit so you can see how the string interacts with the finger.

(H) Time for the flipbacks or rolls.

Move the yellow yo-yo to the front a bit and flip the blue yo-yo to the back and behind your left hand.

(I) If you do it right, the yo-yo's switch places and so do your hands.

(J) We'll do another flipback. Same thing as before. Flip the red yo-yo back behind the right hand.

(K) If you do it correctly, you'll return to the position similar to (G). You can do as many flipbacks as you want.

NOTE: To achieve the intended effect, it is important to do the flipbacks in one complete motion without pausing.

(L) Time for the dismount.

There is a number of ways you can do it. I'll show my preferred method. I just do the opposite of the mount, a "Back-off" dismount. Bring the left hand up.

(M) This will begin to unravel the red yo-yo.

(N) Simply drop the white string from the right middle finger and you'll be out of this mess.

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