Components: Wrap Around Mount
Here's a mount I call the "Wrap-Around" mount. Of all the mounts I've shown to mount the Atom Bomb/Atom Smasher, this is probably the hardest and most interesting looking. It's very similar to the "Under" mount but it goes into the "Split Bottom" position after it's completed.

You start off exactly like an "Under" mount. You put your left index finger in front of your body. You then throw a sleeper and hit the left index finger with the string.

As it makes contact with the left index finger, the yo-yo will begin to hop over your finger.

Here's where it starts to be different from the "Under" mount. Instead of having the yo-yo hit the string you try to completely miss it.

After it misses the string it will continue to go around the left index finger by wrapping around it. That's why I call it the "Wrap-Around" mount.

As it's "wrapping around" you lift your left hand up and bring you right hand down. Do all of this in one swift complete motion.


As the yo-yo swings around your left index finger, stick your right index finger out.

Note: You don't have to begin this trick with a "Pull-over Split Bottom" mount (it just looks better with it). You can begin it with the simplier "Split Bottom" mount shown in the 'Components' section.


Your right index finger should make contact with the string about 2 inches above the yo-yo.


The yo-yo will swing up and over your right index finger and land on the string as shown.

After landing it you can go into the regular "Atom Smasher" routine, "Barrel Rolls", or whatever utilizes the "Split Bottom" mount. There you have it, another way to mount the "Atom Smasher."